Cold Formed




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Cold-Formed framing has been around for decades but has only recently gained popularity in the United States. We adopted this system of building fabrication for several reason. Firstly, there is a significant savings on most projects in the ideal size range (up to 60’ wide clear span, up to 100’ long, up to 18’ high), when compared to I-Beam options.  Traditional welded beam framing often times uses materials that could support a much larger building whereas a old-formed frame is constructed from materials that are just the right size-strength for you projects engineering requirements. Secondly, Cold-Formed buildings are completely do-it-yourself friendly and require no welding. Third, Cold-Formed framing requires on average 25% less concrete which in itself is a potential savings of several thousand dollars. Due to the lighter materials used and the use of knee/apex braces.  Cold-Formed packages include anchor bolts,( I-Beams never do) which is even more savings!!!! These are also available with or without engineer stamps calculations and reactions. Cold-Formed structures are available in galvanized or Red-Ox finishes. Cold-Formed structures require smaller equipment like genie lifts or farm tractors with hay fork to erect. This provides even more savings to your overall projects costs.

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